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5 Reasons You Should Trademark A Logo

Importance Of Trademarking A Logo: 

Trademark a logo helps in brand awareness. Once You trademark your business logo, it’s hassle-free to prevent others from using your logo. Usually, a trademark sign enables you to detect and prevent fraudulent activities under your company name. For instance, if you’re selling book copies, there are chances that some people might duplicate the book copies and might sell under your company name to make colossal profits.  

The advantages of registering your logo for trademark are as follows: 

  • It gives you the priority to use your logo. If anyone uses the same logo in your locality, you can claim the right to use the logo since you register for a trademark. 
  • Registering for a trademark helps you protect your business from fraudulent activities such as duplicating the brand’s services and products. 
  • You can also get the right to file a case or take lawful actions against people who are illegally using the logo. 
  • Upon filing a case in court, you get a massive compensation for the misuse of your brand for personal desires. 
  • It prevents the infringement of the brand. 
  • It’s easier to trade in foreign once you register for the trademark. 

Cost Of Trademarking A Logo 

The total charges of trademarking a logo include the cost of trademark application and the attorney fees. In general, the price for the trademark for startups, individuals, SMEs is 4500 INR. While for others, it costs around 9000 INR based on their company’s classification. 

The Detailed Procedure Of Trademarking A Logo 

Read the below-given steps carefully to trademark your business logo to enjoy colossal benefits and to prevent multiple risks from brand defamation to infringement. 

  • Online Research 

Make sure you search online for a similar logo that you’d like to use for your brand. Accidental trademark infringement also causes enormous losses to individuals. Check out carefully that no one has used your brand logo.  

Indian Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademark regulates the trademark registrations. One should provide the name of the trademark and trademark class from 45 classes. Then, fill in the required details in the application form and attach documents such as identity proof, address proof, logo image(9*5 cm), and brief about your services or goods(less than 500 words).  

  • Step 1: Register for the brand name 

Submit the registration application manually in any of these offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Delhi. 

  • Step 2: Examining the application 

After submitting the application form, the higher officials examine the logo to avoid any legal clashes. 

  • Step 3: Publication of trademark 

Do you have any agreements or negotiations on the complications of the trademark? If yes, the trademark will be listed in the Indian trademark journal. 

  • Step 4: Receiving registration certificate 

Once the registrar gets zero objections, the logo gets legal protection through trademarking. Usually, it takes at least 15 days for confirmation of your registration after filing the application form. Finally, after the complete examination, you get the registration certificate with the official seal of the Trademark Registry.