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Extension Of Dates For Quoting FSSAI License Number On Bills

FSSAI registration is open for the essential things that every food business should consider. It enables the company to function legally under the compliance of the government. Whether it’s a small business or a large food manufacturing unit, everyone requires an FSSAI license number. 

Usually, the businesses should apply for the license number before starting the food production. The food production companies following all the rules and regulations and working under the FoSCoS criteria, get the license number without a hitch. 

Read the entire article to know more about the food license number, its structure, importance, and other key details. 

What Is A Food License Number? 

The food license number is also known as the FSSAI license number. It’s a fourteen-digit code food businesses get and is displayed on their products. The number acts as legal proof to run the food business in the local and global markets. In addition, this number is divided into five different sections for a reason. The first and foremost digit of the FSSAI license number tells whether the business is legally registered or not.  

The next two digits reflect the state code in which the business has registered. Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth digits reveal the year of the company’s registration. Then, the following three digits tell the quantity of enrollment master. Finally, the last six digits are the license number of the food business. For instance, the license number of the business looks like the following: 122XXXXXXXX287. 

Most people are often confused about how to fill the appropriate type of license. Usually, the businesses with an annual turnover of up to 12 lakhs must fill FORM A registration. While the businesses with a turnover of 12 lakhs to 20 crores and above 20 crores should fill state license Form B and central license Form B. 

Significance of FSSAI License Number 

The FSSAI license number is one of the essential parts of the food and food-related businesses. This license number helps the businesses establish their authority and legal status in the markets. It also attracts consumers since the license number indicates the quality check of the product. 

The FSSAI license number gives a PAN India recognition for your business irrespective of the registration state or city. In addition, the license number enables the company to avail of several government schemes designed for food corporations. The companies without the FSSAI registration aren’t eligible to avail of various schemes which are specially customised for the food businesses. 

Key Takeaways 

Billing helps the government understand business revenue. It also helps in tracking the business developments, finances, and other details. The FSSAI suggests the seller’s avail of a license number that helps the consumers identify the business they are engaging with. The license number also prevents the consumers from taking unhealthy foods. Meanwhile, it also helps businesses establish brand awareness, increase profits, and provide PAN India recognition.