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GST Registration

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Paybacks of Having GST Number

Become further viable in Market

Interstate trading is incredible without possessing a GST number. It is likely only afterward registration of the business under GST.

Online growth of business

You necessarily must obtain a GSTIN if you are keen to contest with great brands like Shopify, Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart on ecommerce stand or via your own website.

Avail Input Tax Credit

If you possess a GST Number, you can get Input Tax Credit at the time of filing for GST return.

Interstate sales deprived of restrictions

You can sell your goods in other states only after finishing the GST registration

Documents mandatory for registering GST
PAN Card
Aadhaar Card
Phone number and Email id
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FAQ For Online GST Registration

GST or Goods and Service Tax is a sort of indirect tax for India and relevant on the sourcing of goods and rendering of services. It is all-inclusive and multi-staged; inclusive because it has incorporated all the indirect taxes excluding a limited and multistage as it is occupied at every step within the generation prepare. It is expected to be discounted to all the parties within several stages of generation barring the final consumer.

It is an order issued by Govt. of India who essentially tries to excluding tax and save oneself from the pouring effect of tax.

Yes, it is compulsory to pay GST for all the taxpayers who is listed under the GST rule.

Central Goods and Service Tax State Goods and Service Tax Integrated Goods and Service Tax
Imposed by Central Govt Imposed by State Govt Imposed by Central Govt
Remunerated for Intra-State Supply Remunerated for Intra-State Supply Remunerated for inter-State supply

The limit to be measured under GST law varies on the basis of diverse categories.
In North-Eastern states – 10 lakhs
The service sector – 20 lakhs
Manufacturing Sector – 40 lakhs

No, you need not. VYAPAR AADHAR looks after your each and every process. You are not needed to go to any Govt. office. You simply have to register on our official website and procure your GST registration at ease.

When a taxable person is located outside India to commence the transaction infrequently in the country and is deprived of a fixed place of business in India, he/she is considered a non-resident taxable person.

A casual taxable person is one who infrequently commences a transaction within a taxable territory where he is not having a designated place of business.

As soon as the GST Certificate is issued, the registering is valid till the time it is given up, annulled or postponed. Only GST certificates delivered to non-resident taxable persons and casual taxable persons have a restricted validity period.

A unit operating in many states will have to list distinctly for each state from where supplies of goods or services are carried out.

PAN is compulsory for overall taxpayers and also the casual taxpayers eligible under GST.

A person accountable for GST registering must apply for the GST in 30 days from the date he turn out to be liable for GST.

In the instance of sale of goods, if the business surpasses 40 lakhs, in the instance of the service provider if it surpasses 20 lakhs, and an instance of Special category states if it surpasses 10 lakhs, then one has to list for GST.

Composition Scheme is a simple procedure under the GST law for all the taxpayers who can sidestep tough regulations pay the GST at a fixed rate depending on the turnover. The taxpayers, whose income is a smaller amount than Rs. 1 crore, can select for this scheme. But lately, the CBIC declared the rise in the verge limit from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 1.5 crores. In the instance of Northeastern states and Himachal Pradesh, the limit is presently Rs. 75 lakhs. The GST rate beneath the composition structure is only 1 % of the yearly turnover in case of the manufacturer or traders of products.

  • In the instance of postponement in GST filing, the forfeit of Rs. 200/- is charged per day. There are no late fee charges in IGST.
  • In the case of non-filing of GST Return, 10% of the due tax will be the forfeit sum or Rs. 10000, either of which is earlier.
  • When somebody does fraud, then there will be a forfeit which is 100% of the due tax or Rs. 10000 – either of which is earlier.

Goods and Services are characterized into five types of tax chunks for the gathering of tax 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

Destination-based tax or consumption tax are taxes that are imposed at the place of consumption of services or products. In this sort of taxation, exports are taken into account along with nil tax amounts whereas imports are taxed on par with the production done in the native sphere.

Origin Based Tax or production tax is the tax which is imposed where services or products are produced.

GSTIN is allotted within a time frame of 24 hours after submission of GST application with all compulsory documents.

GST certificate is offered in soft copy format by the Govt. of India. After the allocation of GSTIN, GST certificate can be downloaded from the GST portal at any point of time by the aspirant.