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How To Cancel Your GST Registration?

With the help of GST, plenty of service and indirect charges are brought together under a single bracket. If you want to make your business operations function smoothly, it is essential to get GST registration. Whether your business deals with services, goods, or both. If your business’s yearly turnover surpasses, you will have to obtain a GST registration. However, a few industries will have to follow all the GST rules and regulations no matter what their yearly turnover is.

Who Can Cancel A GST Registration?
In cases of any violation, the GST department can cancel your GST registration. Moreover, if you are a registered individual, you can also cancel the registration. Apart from that, if the registered person is no more, his/her heir can appeal for a cancellation. After the cancellation of the GST registration, you will have to file a final return if you are a taxpayer.

All About GST Cancellation Forms
Forms that are needed to cancel GST registration:
• If the registered person wants to cancel the registration – Form GST REG 16
• If you want to rely on a show-cause notice – Form GST REG 18
• If you want to issue a cancellation show-cause notice – Form GST REG 17
• If your purpose is dissolution order – Form GST REG 19
• If you want proceedings to stay – Form GST REG 18
• If you want to end the cancellation proceedings – Form GST REG 20
• If you want to apply to cancel the cancellation – Form GST REG 21
• If you want to order to reverse the cancellation – Form GST REG 22

Common Reasons For GST Cancellation

All the documents and rules required to cancel your GST registration are mentioned in CGST ACt’s section 29. As per section 29(1), these are the events in which an officer, a registered individual, or his/her heir can cancel GST registration:
• If you are discontinuing the business.
• In case of any change in the constitution of the company
• If the pan card has any changes
• If your company is getting completely transferred to another individual. It also includes the event of the proprietor’s death.
• If the business can not match the prescribed yearly turnover
• If you are amalgamating the business with another merger, legal entity.

Note: You can not cancel your registration if you are a Unique Identity Number Assigned taxpayer, tax deductor, or tax collector.

In Which Cases Can A Tax Officer Cancel Your Registration?
• If the business is not operated on the declared location.
• If the business owner is issuing bills without any services or goods supply.
• If the business owner is violating regulations of anti-profiteering.

These are the following events in which a GST tax officer can cancel your registration under rule 21 of CGST:
• If a taxpayer does not file GSTR-3B for 2 months continuously and his GSTR-1 has also not been filed.
• If the taxpayer violates provisions of any GST rules.
• If the taxpayer is discharging the tax accountability of designated taxpayers more than 99% using electronic credit ledger’s ITC.