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Know Everything About The FSSAI Food Labeling Regulations

Are you searching for the various regulations of FSSAI food labelling? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover the set of rules and regulations imposed by the FSSAI in food labelling. These rules must be followed by every food retailer so that the consumers can get the key information regarding the product manufacturing process. 

Rules And Regulations OnSAI Food Labeling By FS 

  •   Name of the food product 

The food company should mention the product name on the packet in a clear format using the prescribed font as per the rules and regulations of FSSAI. If the manufacturer fails to mention the product name clearly, the FSSAI takes strict action. 

  •   Ingredients List 

This is another most significant aspect of the food labelling regulations. All the food manufacturers must mention the complete ingredients used to prepare the final product. 

  •   Nutritional Facts 

FSSAI strictly notifies the manufacturer to mention the nutritional information such as calorie intake, percentage of saturated fats, unsaturated fats, proteins, sugar, iron, calcium, vitamin A, and other nutrients in the product. 

  •   Non-vegetarian and vegetarian declaration 

The animal substances in the food products aren’t acceptable in certain parts of the Country. Hence, it’s essential to conform to the consumers about the vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients through the specific codes set by the FSSAI. Usually, FSSAI dictates to mention a small dot to confirm the vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients in the product. In general, the red-coloured dot indicates non-vegetarian, and the green-coloured dot indicates vegetarian food.  

  •   Mentioning Used Food Additives 

Usually, most food manufacturers add additives to enhance the flavour, colour, and taste. And it’s mandatory to inform the public about the additives used in the manufacturing process. 

  •   Manufacturer address & name

Mention the manufacturer’s name, address, and manufacturing place. Make sure you inform the consumer about your detailed address and contact details.  

  •   Contact details for customer care support 

The customer care number should be mentioned on the food labelling. 

  •   Quantity 

Food manufacturers should mention the total weight of the product in the prominent place so that the consumers can easily find it. 

  •   Retail Sale Price 

The manufacturers should mention the maximum pricing of the product. 

  •   FSSAI license number and its logo 

It’s also one of the most important regulations of FSSAI. The FSSAI license number and logo must be mentioned in the food labelling. 

  •   Batch number/code number/lot number

The batch numbers are used to showcase the authenticity of the company. SO, they must be mentioned in the food labelling. 

  •   Manufacturing and expiry date 

This is another most important rule of FSSAI regarding food labelling. The manufacturing and expiry date. Since expired food products leave consumers with allergic or other serious illnesses, the manufacturer should consciously mention the manufacture and expiry date on all food products. 

  •   Usage instructions 

The manufacturers should mention the right usage of the products that tell the consumers how to use the product. 

  •   Nationality 

The last but most important FSSAI regulation is mentioning the food products’ Country of origin. It usually informs the consumers about the food product’s origin and clears the doubts, such as where it’s been prepared, processed, or manufactured.