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One Person Company

One Person Company (OPC) Registration – Online Procedure

List a one-person company registration online in India in 7 – 10 days. Avail professional assistance from VYAPAR AADHAR in OPC registration With the advent of the Companies Act, 2013 the idea of the One Person Company originated into actuality to inspire the small dealers and entrepreneurs who have the capability to begin their own business venture and form their own individuality. The major rewards of opening a  one Person Company are that merely a single person is needed to begin the business. An entrepreneur could be the chief of his/her own field in the instance of One Person Company (OPC). Whereas in the situation of Private Limited Company or LLP, at least two participants are required to be unified.

One Person Company was presented in the J.J Report to form liberation for the entrepreneurs where they can give a form to their concepts. As there is advancement in the usage of information technology and progress in the service sector in India, the government has propelled the concept of OPC.


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Documents for One Person Company Registration
No less than 7 Members on-board
Identity Proof (Aadhaar / Voter ID card, Driving License) of all the titled Shareholders& Directors
Shareholders’& Directors’ PAN Card particulars
Residential evidence of the listed Business Address (Telephone / Gas / Water / Electricity bill which must not be more than 2 months older)
Address-evidence of the Shareholders & Directors
An NOC or No Objection Certificate from the business place’s possessor

  1. Shareholders’ Restricted Liability

In a Public Limited Company, the liability of the Shareholders and Directors is restricted as per the sum of the shares they possess in the organization. For example, in case the public limited company confronts any financial difficulties, the private assets of the shareholders will not be affected according to the rules. 

  1. Citation in the Stock Exchange

Contrasting a Private Limited organization, Public Limited companies can grade themselves to the IPO (Indian Public Offerings) and the prevalent Stock Exchanges. This leads to numerous business-related paybacks and prospects.

  1. Separate Legal Entity

In a Public Limited Company, the presence of the entity is not dependent upon any persons’ existence in the business. For instance, any Shareholders & Directors may choose to exit the organization without having an effect on the certainty of the specific Public Limited Company.

  1. Innumerable sources for Fund-Raising

A Public Limited Company can increase its capitals by crowd-funding or via the common public’s participation following the legal features. It benefits a unit persisting in the market and going for innovative undertakings with ease.

  1. Simplicity in Transferability of Shares

As per the guidelines of the Companies Act, 2013, the stocks of a Public Limited company can be reassigned without any stress. In addition to that, being registered in the Stock Exchange and transferability aspect, individuals are constantly enthusiastic to invest leading to financial aids for the same.

  1. Watchful on Business Transparency

As a Public Limited company contains public relations and participation in all the phases, the organization at all times looks for clearness in the business process by issuing the Audit Authorizations, Statutory Reports to its individuals.

  1. Sustains the Brand Position in Market

It is all the time helpful for an organization while being listed as a Public Limited company. Being registered in the Stock Exchange and issuing the information to its individuals improves its Brand Image and standing in the market.

How do we work?

Step 1

Fill our Registration Form & Make the Payment

Step 2

Expert Will Call You & Receive All the Necessary Documents.

Step 3

Will Create DSC & the DIN Number of Director

Step 4

MOA and AOA Drafting & Submit

Step 5

Your Documents will be Filed & Submitted to the ROC

Step 6

Congrats! You've registered your company.
FAQ For One Person Company

VYAPAR AADHAR can incorporate a Person Company within 7-15 days. The time required for incorporation will be based upon the submission of application documents by the customer and the quickness of Government Approvals. To make certain swift incorporation, kindly opt for a distinctive name for your Company and confirm you have all the essential documents preceding to beginning the incorporation procedure.

As suggested by the name, a One Person Company can begin with simply one director.

A nominee is an individual who in the occurrence of demise or ill health of the subscriber of the One Person Company shall undertake his position. Memorandum of Association of a One Person Company will compulsorily recommend the name of the individual.

Definitely yes, the Act has not put any kind of constraint for a One Person Company to convert a member of another Private Limited Company.

Post the incorporation, the company will be active and in existence on the condition that the twelve-monthly agreements are done with regularity. For instance, yearly agreements are not fulfilled, the Company will convert into a Dormant Company and perhaps smash into off from the register after a certain time period. A smash-off Company can be recovered for a duration of up to 20 years.

The authorized capital of a company is the sum of shares a company can issue to its shareholders. Companies have to compensate the Government an authorized capital fee to produce shares in a Company. Corporations have to pay an official capital fee of at least Rs.1 lakh.

Director Identification Number is an exclusive identification number allotted to all prevailing and projected Directors of a Company. It is compulsory for all existing or anticipated Directors to have a Director Identification Number. Director Identification Number never terminates and an individual can have only one single Director Identification Number.

No, FDI is not permissible for One Person Company. You might think through incorporating a Private Limited Company if you wish to get FDI.

Only a natural person who is a citizen of India, as well as a resident in India, is entitled to incorporate a Person Company or be a nominee member. The Director or Nominee should also be above 18 years of age. A person can incorporate up to five One Person Companies.

The requirement is an address in India, where the registered office of the One Person Company will be located. The premises could be profitmaking / manufacturing/domiciliary where communication from the MCA will be received.

A clear no, you will not have to be physically present either at our office or appear in front of any office for the incorporation of a Person Company. The entire documents can be scanned and sent via email to our office. Certain documents will also need to be couriered to our office.