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PF Registration

Online PF registration through Vyapar Aadhar

             PF registration for the Owner is necessary if

  • He possesses a plant employing 20 or more individuals, or
  • Some other organization/foundation with 20 or more workers or
  • The category of such establishments whom the Central Government might, by notice would agree for enforced EPF employer registration
Benefits of Provident Fund
Risk handling: The greatest central advantage of the Provident Fund is to cover the threats staffs and their wards may face, that may rise due to retirement, a sickness or their death.
• Undeviating account: One of the utmost significant features of the Provident Fund account is that it's stable and movable. It can be passed forward to any other abode of employment.
Insurance Scheme linked to Employee Deposit: This arrangement is for all the PF account holders. As per it, 0.5% of the salary is taken away from the life insurance premium
Long standing goals: There are many enduring goals for instance wedding or higher education that necessitate the critical obtainability of capitals. The collected PF sum frequently comes convenient during these kind of occasions.
Safety: When talking about signatures, genuineness and safety is a main concern. Digital signatures decrease the danger of replication or modification of the document itself. Digital signatures guarantee that signs are proved, trustworthy and genuine.
Emergency requirements: There are some unexpected instances like matrimony or other household occurrences, any mis-happening or sickness that needs serious finance. The PF total can be of excessive help.
Shields pension: Other than the employee’s 12% input towards EPF, an equal amount is backed by the employer, which comprises 8.33% in the direction of Employee Pension Scheme (EPS).
How do we work?

Step 1

Fill our Registration Form & Make the Payment

Step 2

Receive the Call from PF Professional

Step 3

Upload the Particulars as demanded for PF return

Step 4

PF Professional will draft for PF return

Step 5

Cheers! Your PF return is now filed

Why Us?
Documents Requisite
Proprietor’s/Partner’s/Director’s Digital Signature
Proprietor’s/Partner’s/Director’s Aadhar Card
Proprietor’s/Partner’s/Director’s PAN Card
Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement of Person
Electricity Bill of the Listed Office (not more than 2 months old)
Shop and establishment Certificate or GST Certificate or License dispensed by the government for plant
  • PF Return: Provident fund return must be filed by all units having PF registration every month. PF return is outstanding on the 25th of every month. Additionally, a concluding PF return is outstanding on the 25th of April for the annual year that ends on 31st March.
  • PF Payment: Provident Fund (PF) expenses are due on the 15th of every month. The company must credit a total of 12% or 10% of the employee pays towards PF on or before this date every month. For maximum units, the PF rate of 12% would be valid.
  • UAN: The Employee Provident Fund has propelled the Unified Portal to reorganize and make simpler all features of provident fund for both the partes employers and employees. Workers who have the recently allocated UAN can make use of the Unified Portal for numerous services.

The due date for Filing PF Returns:

  • The Monthly Challan remittance to Bank’s due date for PF is 15th of Each Month
  • The Monthly PF returns due date is the 25th of Every Month
  • The yearly returns due date are 30th April every year

Fine for postponement in PF disbursement by employer

Delay in disbursement of PF by employer having PF registration will draw fine as follows

Delay Period

Penalty Rate(p.a.)

Up to 2 months


2 – 4 months

4 – 6 months 15%
Above 6 months


FAQ For  Online PF Registration

The Employee Provident Fund also known as PF is an advantage offered to the employees besides their basic salary, which can support them after their retirement, or at the time of any mishaps or during emergencies.


Unless The PF beneficiary has gone through the PF registration process he will not be able to access the Employer Portal of EPFO and view his PF status.

This scheme is relevant to all corporations or business institutions that employ over 20 or more employees.

The following individuals are excluded from this scheme: A retired employee, an employee who is migrating abroad for permanent settlement, apprentice or interns, etc.

The basic advantage is that the nominee obtains the pension in the instance of the death of the pension member.

The amenity for checking the status of your UAN is obtainable on the unified portal at


Devoid of PF registration, an employee can’t sight his PF status on the EPFO portal and likewise, he won’t be capable of entitlement any PF amount.

Yes, the EPFO being a Governmental Organization is included under the RTI Act. You can file RTI for EPFO at


At present, any PF withdrawals are accredited straight into the recipient’s bank account

In this instance, the contribution is calculated on the basis of the remunerations paid in a calendar month.

No, you are not required to be physically present for the process, VYAPAR AADHAR is an online catering platform & all that is needed is a good internet connection in your phone/laptop/computer and the essential documents with you and we can get the process finished no matters even if you are present at the farthest location of India

UAN is the abbreviation for Universal Account Number. The UAN acts as an umbrella for the numerous Member Ids allocated to a person by diverse establishments. The concept is to link manifold Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allocated to a single member under only one Universal Account Number. This will facilitate the member to sight particulars of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it. If a member is previously allocated Universal Account Number (UAN) then he/she is obligatory to offer the similar, on joining new institution to allow the employer to in-turn mark the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the already allocated Universal Identification Number (UAN)

Yes, beyond a total 12% EPF input of the employer, 8.33% is put down to the Employee pension scheme (EPS) that can be withdrawn on the retirement of an employee.

An entity can be listed up to 3 accredited signatories by apprising its DSC on the EPFO portal. Such DSC is essential to be informed to validate the KYC documentation online & for finishing the PF claim online.

Beyond the complete employer’s contribution of 12%, nearly 8.33% is transformed to the Employees’ Pension Scheme, where the remaining amount of 3.67% is transformed into the EDLI account.