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Professional Tax Registration

Online Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax is similar to Income tax but the difference is that it is collected by the State Government. It is a tax on all sorts of occupations, employments and engagement and imposed depending upon the profits of such occupation, employment and engagement. It is imposed on staff, an individual conducting any business together with freelancers, specialists etc.

Let the experts of  VYAPAR AADHAR offer you the required help on the P-Tax Registration & Filling process. P-Tax is also known as Professional Tax is being levied by each and every State Govt. on every paid person. The P-Tax is imposed depending upon the occupation, employment and engagement of the distinct taxpayer. The tax charges are also diverse as per the various State Governments but the maximum amount of due P-Tax is INR 2000 per year. Till today, states for instance Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Gujarat, Kerala, and Meghalaya are indicting this particular tax.

For which entities the Profession Tax is viable?

  • Taxable entities are Company/Firms/LLP: Company, firms, LLP, Corporation, societies, HUF, Associations, clubs.
  • Specialists (People): Legal Experts like lawyers, Attorneys, medical councils like the dentist, medical counselors, doctors and other experts like management mentors, tax advisors, inspectors, CS, CA, Coverage agents, technologists, designers and freelancers are all regarded as skilled individuals who need to pay professional tax.

What are the types of Professional Tax Certificate?

Professional tax certificates are of two types:

  • PTEC (Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate): This is compensated by the business unit, possessor or an expert i.e. Private/ Public Limited Company, Sole Proprietor, Director Etc.
  • PTRC: (Professional Tax Registration Certificate): Government or Non- Government company subtracts the tax from the worker’s wages and credits the same to the government.
Registering & Filling of P-Tax is Obligatory for
  • All kinds of salaried authorities employed or transacting in India.
  • As per the rules and regulations, each professional receiving a consistent monthly wage is mandatory to pay this specific tax. The experts would get a unique registration number by registration in the P-Tax portal and by means of that, they can pay the P-Tax.
  • P-Tax registering is the duty of each business holder, who shall subtract the professional tax from an employee’s wage and expenditure for satisfying the very regulation.

Payment of Professional Tax is exempted for whom?

  • Overseas workers are excused from compensable professional tax.
  • Indians working for the Foreign office and advisor are omitted from taking the certificate of registration.
How do we work?

Step 1

Fill in the details in the form and Make the expenses

Step 2

Receive the call from our P-Tax Professional

Step 3

Upload the details as per request

Step 4

Our specialists will take your consent for P-Tax registration and filling process

Step 5

VYAPAR AADHAR will finish the complete registration procedure

Documents essential for P-Tax and for Registration

The below-mentioned documents are compulsory for online P-Tax registration by VYAPAR AADHAR

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Evidence of the office with NOC from the possessor of that location
  • Bank Pass Book1st page / Statement
  • Govt fees Rs 300/- (Three Hundred Rupees only)
  • Listed Mobile no & Email id

  • Recognition of the online form, together with the printout of the digital form that is submitted.
  • PAN Card Photocopy.
  • Home Address evidence of Partner, Director, Proprietor.
  • Evidence of Constitution of business-like Record of Incorporation.
  • Blank Annulled Cheque.
  • Address proof of Business dwelling.
  • Establishment Certificate.

All these documents must be self-attested
Why Us?
Benefits of P-Tax Registration


The authorities can claim a deduction in their earnings depends upon the remunerated professional tax. The particular deduction will be permitted in a similar year in which the taxpayer paid the P-Tax amount.

Simple to conduct

The P-Tax rules are very laid-back to practice together with the recordkeeping process for this specific matter as a whole.

Remaining away from the penalty

Failing in the registration & filing of P-Tax registration can result in a huge amount of penalties that keep floating with time.

Judicial obligations

As per the rules and protocols of the Indian Govt. each working professionals is mandated to pay the professional tax.

Easing the State Govt.

The local establishments and State Govt. necessitate this chargeable amount for several development matters.

Important Points

At the end of each financial year, the P-Tax should necessarily be filed. The owners also get a chance to rectify any faults made within the set time of registering and filling.

The P-Tax amount fluctuates in different states in India. Remarkably, Maharashtra Govt. revised a new law asserting each partner of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is legally responsible to pay P-Tax of INR 2,500 per annum.