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Registration For Trademark

Enrolling yourself for trademark makes the business stand out in the concerned area and acquires you a tag of being presumed and mindful. It tends to be a logo, word, or a mix of both or something alluring. Every enlistment goes under the Regulator General of Licenses Plans and Brand names, Service of Trade and industry, Government of India.


The period of trademark legitimacy is 10 years, and after that period one needs to restore it for the following 10 years before the expiry date. 

Trademark enlistment is viewed as the property of the proprietor has elite freedoms over that.

The course of trademark enrollment in India is given below:

 The System Associated with trademark Enrollment

 Any individual who professes to be a legitimate substance can apply for the enrollment of brand name. Generally, it takes up to 18-24 months for finishing the trademark registration process.

There are different strides in trademark the enrolment process, as given below:

 Stage 1: Leading a trademark search 

A trademark should be interesting and ought not to take after to previous brand name. 

In the wake of settling on the trademark, one should lead a pursuit utilizing the trademark director to check if the desired trademark is accessible or currently taken.  On the off chance that it ends up being as of now taken, you need to change it once more. When it gets a special acknowledgement, you would then be able to continue to the following one.

Stage 2: Present a trademark application

Record a trademark application with every one of the necessary reports. One can go for either ‘manual documenting’ or ‘online filing of the trademark application.

In the event of manual documenting, the application ought to be given over to the closest Recorder Office of trademarks. Normally, it takes around 15 – 20 days from the date of documenting to get the affirmation receipt. In “e-filing”, one can present an internet-based application through the official website. It is quicker and requires a couple of hours to get the receipt.

 This receipt of affirmation makes you qualified to utilize the trademark with a TM  sign close to it.

Stage 3: Checking of the application

 The analyst will then, at that point, begin analyzing the application for any difference in the wake of documenting the application. It is extended and requires 12- 18 months to analyze the application.

It then, at that point, relies upon the analyst whether the application gets acknowledged totally or restrictively.

If it gets acknowledged unequivocally, the brand name will get distributed in the trademark journal. If not acknowledged unequivocally, you will track down the referenced complaints in the report. You will be given one month to satisfy the terms given.

Stage 4: Trademark registration

The progression of its registration has joined in the enlistment strategy just to ensure if any individual has a complaint about it or not. The journal is published weekly and accordingly, gets refreshed week by week. Indeed, even After the trademark distribution, people, in general, can protest on generous grounds.


For a situation of the objection, within a month’s time frame from the distribution, the third party needs to record a trademark resistance.


In case of a certain objection, the Registrar gives a reasonable hearing and judgment.

 Stage 5: Enlistment Testament

 In the case of everything working out positively, and the workplace doesn’t get any protest, it connotes that the trademark continues for the enlistment.


After the application will process with enlistment, alongside getting distributed in the Journal, you will receive a registration certificate with the seal of the trademark office.