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Terms And Conditions Of Use

Terms And Conditions Of Use


By Accessing Or Using Our Website Located At (“Website”) In Any Way Or Downloading, Installing Or Using Our Website Server Including But Not Limited To Our Products Or Accessing Software Supplied (Collectively, The “Services”) By Vyapar Aadhar Or Clicking On A Button Or Taking Similar Action To Signify Your Affirmative Acceptance Of This Agreement, You Hereby Represent That:

(I) You Have Read, Understood, And Agree To Be Bound By This Agreement And Any Future Amendments And Additions To This Agreement As Published From Time To Time At www.vyaparaadhar.Com

(Ii) You Are Of Legal Age In The Jurisdiction In Which You Reside To Form A Binding Contract With Vyapar Aadhar.

Services Provided By Vyapar Aadhar Shall Be Included But Not Limited To Technology Platforms Such As Website Or That Shall Enable The Users To Submit Their User Data For Getting Consultancy On Application Of Registration Service Or Any Other Services Offered Through The Url www.vyaparaadhar.Com; Wherein A User Can Provide Their User Data And Request Consultancy For Applying A New Registration Service Or Renewal Of Registration Service By Paying Our Consultancy Charges.

The Terms “You,” “User” And “Users” Refer To All Individuals And Other Persons Who Access Or Use Of Our Services, Including, Without Limitation, Any Companies, Organizations, Or Other Legal Entities That Register Accounts Or Otherwise Access Or Use The Services Through Their Respective Employees, Agents Or Representatives. Except As Otherwise Provided Herein, If You Do Not Agree To Be Bound By The Agreement, You May Not Access Or Use The Website.

This Agreement Falls Within The Category Of ‘Contracts Of Adhesion’ And Mapped To Inter-Relate Services, Specified Carefully To Satisfy The Contract Requirements. Clicking On The ‘I Agree’ Button Binds You With Legally Enforceable Contract Under Section 10-A Of The Indian Contract Act, 1872 With Vyapar Aadhar And Will Not Lead To Any Criminal Action Of Whatsoever Nature Against Vyapar Aadhar Under Any Criminal Law For The Time-Being-In-Force In India And Hereby You Agree And Accept The Same With The Click Of The ‘I Agree’ Button And You Also Accept The Fact That Before You Proceed You Have Read And Considered, To Give Your Consent, You Have Carefully Read The Entire Document And Understood The Consequences And Veracities Of The Acceptance Of The Agreement.

General Information
Please Read These Terms And Conditions Of Use (“Agreement”) Carefully. By Using The Services, You Agree To Be Bound By All Of The Terms And Conditions Of Use Mentioned Below.

1.1 These Terms & Conditions Of Use (“Terms,” Including Our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy And All Other Policies On Our Website) Define The Terms And Conditions Under Which You Are Allowed To Use Our Services, And How We Will Treat Your Account With Us.

2.1 Intellectual Property Rights Mean And Include Without Limitation All Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets And Other Related Documents And Shall Remain, The Sole And Exclusive Property Of Vyapar Aadhar.

2.2 Third Parties Include But Are Not Limited To Developer, Hosting, Google Analytics & Search Engine Providers, Payment Providers.

2.3 “User(S)” (Hereinafter Collectively Referred To As “You”, “Your”, “User”), Means Our User(S) Who Use Our Services

2.4 “User Content” Means All Electronic Data, Text, Messages Or Other Materials, Including Personal Data Of Users, Submitted To The Service(S) By You In Connection With Your Use Of The Service(S).

2.5 “Applicable Data Protection Law” Means Information Technology Act 2008 (It Act)

This Term Of Use Covers The Below Mentioned:

Contractual Relationship
License Grant
Content Rights
Third Party Interaction
Prohibited Use
User Data Access
User Requirements & Conduct
Payment And Commercial Terms
Intellectual Property Rights
Third Party Intellectual Property Rights
Notice Of Copyright Or Intellectual Property Infringement
Text Messaging & Promotional Codes
Network Access & Devices
Disclaimers & Limitation Of Liability
Changes To Terms & Conditions
Entire Agreement
Governing Laws
Compliance With Laws
Binding Individual Arbitration
Other Provisions
Updates To Services
No Changes In Terms At Your Request
Contact Information
To Use Our Services, You Must:

3.1 Be At Least Eighteen (18) Years Old.

3.2 Complete The Filling Form Process;

3.3 Agree To The Terms And

3.4 Provide True, Complete And Up To Date Contact Information. By Using Our Services, You Represent And Warrant That You Meet All The Requirements Listed Above And That You Won’t Use Our Services In A Way That Violates Any Laws Or Regulations. (Representing And Warranting Is Like Making A Legally Enforceable Promise.) Vyapar Aadhar May Refuse Service, Close Accounts Of Any Users, And Change Eligibility Requirements At Any Time.

Contractual Relationship
4.1 Vyapar Aadhar May Terminate Any Of These Terms Or Any Services With Respect To You, Or Generally, Cease Offering Or Deny Access To The Services Or Any Portion Thereof, At Any Time For Any Reason.

4.2 Supplemental Terms May Apply To Certain Services, Such As Policies For Any Particular Event, Activity Or Promotion, And Such Supplemental Terms Will Be Published On Our Services In Connection With The Applicable Services From Time To Time. Supplemental Terms Are In Addition To And Shall Be Considered A Part Of The Terms And Conditions Of Use The Purposes Of The Applicable Services. Supplemental Terms Shall Prevail Over These Terms And Conditions Of Use In The Event Of A Conflict With Respect To The Applicable Services.

4.3 Vyapar Aadhar Retains The Right To Suspend Any User’s Access To Any Or All Of The Services Without Notice For The Purposes Of:

(I) Use Of The Service In A Way That Violates Applicable Local, State, Or Foreign Laws Or Regulations Or The Terms Of This Agreement,

(Ii) Use Of The Vyapar Aadhar Email Send Service That Results In Excessivehard Bounces, Spam Complaints Via Feedback Loops, Direct Spam Complaints,Or Requests For Removal From A Mailing List By Recipients, Or

(Iii) Repeated Instances Of Posting Or Uploading Material That Infringes Or Is Alleged To Infringe On The Copyright Or Trademark Rights Of Any Person Or Entity. We May, Without Notice, Review, Edit And Delete Any Data Or Materials That We Determine In Good Faith Violate The Terms And We Are Not Bound To Prescreen, Control, Monitor Or Edit Your Data Or Materials.

(Iv ) Manner Of Usage Of Services, Which Vyapar Aadhar Does Not Support, Relate, Propagate Or In Any Manner That Stands Against Public Policy Or Which Is In Any Circumstance Infringe Rights Or Any Bundle Of Rights Of This Persons And Groups Of Persons Or Of Any Other Cause.

4.3 Our Collection And Use Of User Information In Connection With The Services Is As Provided In Vyapar Aadhar Privacy Policy Located At Www.Vyapar Aadhar.Com

4.4 In Case Of Incorporation Of Any New Legislation Or Any Amendments To The Existing Legislation Governing Data Of Any Individual, Some Of The Clauses Of This Agreement May Either Be Updated Or Deleted Without Any Notice, To Comply With The Said Provisions Of The Applicable Legislation. Hence It Is Advisable To Check This Agreement From Time To Time.

License Grant
5.1 Vyapar Aadhar Grants You A Revocable, Non-Exclusive, Non-Transferable, Limited License To Edit User Data On The Websites, Developed Strictly In Accordance With These Terms.

5.2 You May Not Copy, Decompile Our Website Or Our Services.

Content Rights
6.1 You Own The Rights To The User Data You Provide To Vyapar Aadhar On We Don’t Claim Ownership Over Any Of It. However, By Providing User Data To Vyapar Aadhar, You Give Us Permission To Use Your Data Solely To Do The Things We Need To Do To Provide Our Services, Including But Not Limited To Storing, Displaying, Reproducing, And Distributing Your Data. This May Include Providing Your Data With Third Parties For Broader Broadcast, Distribution, Or Publication

6.2 We Will Never Sell Your Data To Third Parties

6.3 You’re Responsible For The Data You Submit By Using Our Services And Assume All Risks Associated With It.

Third Party Interactions
7.1 The Services May Contain Links To Third-Party Websites (“Third-Party Websites”)

7.2 When You Click On A Link To A Third-Party Website, We Will Not Warn You That You Have Left Our Website, Server Or Services And We Will Not Warn You That You Are Subject To The Terms And Conditions (Including Privacy Policies) Of Another Website Or Destination. Such Third-Party Websites & Advertisements Are Not Under The Control Of Vyapar Aadhar. We Are Not Responsible For Any Third-Party Websites, Third-Party Applications, Or Any Third-Party Advertisements.

7.3 You Use All Links In Third-Party Websites & Advertisements At Your Own Risk. You Should Review Applicable Terms And Policies, Including Privacy And Data Gathering Practices Of Any Third-Party Websites Or Third-Party Apps, And Make Whatever Investigation You Feel Necessary Or Appropriate Before Proceeding With Any Transaction With Any Third Party.

7.4 You Acknowledge And Agree That Our Services Are Not Responsible Or Liable For: (I) The Availability Or Accuracy Of Such Links, Websites/Apps Or Any Other Resources; Or (Ii) The Content, Products, Or Services On Or Available From Such Links Websites/Apps Or Resources.

Prohibited Uses
You Represent And Warrant That You Will Not Use Our Services To:

8.1 Violate This Agreement, Or Any Applicable Law Or Regulation, Including Without Limitation To Laws Designed To Regulate Unsolicited Email Or Other Electronic Advertising;

8.2 Attempt To Probe, Scan, Test, Or Violate The Security Features Of Our Services Or Of Any Associated System Or Network, Or To Obtain Unauthorized Access To Materials Or Other Information Stored Thereon;

8.3 Share Your Application Number, Let Anyone Access Your User Data To Modify Or Do Anything That Might Put Your Application At Risk.

8.4 Encourage Or Help Anyone Do Any Of The Things On This List

8.5 Attempt To Interfere With The Use Of The Services By Any Other Manner Not Expressly Mentioned Above.

8.6 Attempt To Gain Unauthorized Access To Or Impair Any Aspect Of The Services Or Its Related Systems Or Networks. We Reserve The Right To Cooperate Fully In Any Investigation By Law Enforcement Officials Of Any Violation Of This Agreement. We Also Reserve The Right To Terminate Your Use Of The Services For Violating Any Of The Prohibited Uses.

User Data Access
9.1 To Use Most Aspects Of Our Services, You Must Fill Up The Form And Make Modification To Such Submitted User Data. You Must Be At Least 18 Years Of Age, Kindly Refer Our Privacy Policy For More Details. If You Violate This Clause Then We Do Not Take Any Liability For The Same Under Any Legislation, Regulation, Prevailing Rules Etc. That Govern Minors And/Or Students Under The Age Of 18.

9.2 You Agree To Submit Accurate, Complete, And Up-To-Date User Information. Your Failure To Submit Accurate, Complete, And Up-To-Date User Information, May Result In Rejection Of The Application And Vyapar Aadhar Will Not Be Responsible For The Same.

9.3 Vyapar Aadhar Also Collects The Anonymous User Data, Which Means Data And Information That Does Not Permit You To Be Identified Or Identifiable In Any Manner, Either Alone Or When Combined With Any Other Information Available. Vyapar Aadhar May Create Anonymous Data From The Personal Data That We Receive About You And By Excluding Information Such As Your Name, Which Makes The Data Personally Identifiable To You. Anonymous Data That Vyapar Aadhar Creates Might Include Analytics Information And Information Collected By Us Using Cookies. We Analyze This Anonymous Data To Make Improvements To Our Websites And Services Only. Vyapar Aadhar May Also Get Information About You From Other Sources. If Your Settings For Your Use Of Social Media Sites Permit It, We May Access, Use, And Store The Information That You Agreed The Social Media Sites Could Provide In Order To Track Your Engagement With Our Content But Also Not To Post In Your Or Our Behalf In Any Manner, Or Make Any Changes Thereof. Vyapar Aadhar Will Access, Use, And Store That Information In Accordance With This Policy. You Can Revoke Our Access To The Information You Provide In This Way At Any Time By Amending The Appropriate Settings From Within Your Account On The Applicable Social Media Sites.Vyapar Aadhar And Its Services Are Not Directed To Children Under 16 And Therefore If A Parent Or The Guardian Becomes Aware That His Or Her Child Has Provided Us With Any Information Without Their Consent, He Or She Should Contact Us. We Will Delete Such Information From Our Files As Soon As Reasonably Practicable.

User Requirements & Conduct
10.1 You Agree That We May At Any Time, And At Our Sole Discretion, Terminate Your Application Without Prior Notice To You And Without Reimbursement If We Suspect A Violation Any Of These Terms And Conditions Of Use. In Addition, You Acknowledge That We Will Cooperate Fully With Investigations By Law Enforcement Authorities.

Payment And Commercial Terms
11.1 You Agree To Pay All Consultation Fees Associated To Application Of New Or Renewed Registration Service.

11.2 If For Any Reason, Your Payment Is Not Received By Vyapar Aadhar, Your Application Will Be Kept On Hold Till The Time Payment Is Received By Us.

11.3vyapar Aadhar May Update The Commercial Terms From Time To Time And As And When Required. Please Be Sure To Review These Commercial Terms Before You Finalize Any Commercial Transaction.

Intellectual Property Rights
12.1 Neither Your Use Of The Services Nor This Agreement Grants You Any Right, Title Or Interest In Our Copyrights, Trademarks And Patents Or The Intellectual Properties If Any Owned By Us.

12.2 Vyapar Aadhar Trademarks And/Or Service Marks May Not Be Used In Connection With Any Product Or Service That Is Not Provided By Vyapar Aadhar, In Any Manner That Is Likely To Cause Confusion Among Customers Or Users Of The Website, Tarnishes Or Dilutes The Marks, Or Disparages Or Discredits Vyapar Aadhar.

12.3 Our Services Include A User Interface That Allows You To Upload User Content And Customize Certain Aspects Of Your Content. You Are Granted A Limited Right To Use Those Services Only In Conjunction With The Services And In Accordance With These Terms And Conditions Of Use.

Third Party Intellectual Property Rights
Vyapar Aadhar Deeply Respects The Third-Party Intellectual Property Rights That May Be Implicated In Applying For A Registration Service. These Intellectual Property Rights, And Your Responsibilities With Respect To These Rights Are Outlined Below:

13.1 While Applying For Registration Service, Using Our Services, You Use Your Own Image Content Such As Photos, User Details, User Documents Such As Pan Card, Aadhar Card Etc. You Retain Any And All Rights You Hold With Respect To Image Content And Data That You Upload.

Notice Of Copyright Or Intellectual Property Infringement:
14.1 Please Notify Us If You Believe Any Of Your Intellectual Property Rights Have Been Infringed By A User Of Our Services. Please Email Us At Support@Vyapar Aadhar.Com For Complaints And Customer Service Enquiries.

Text Messaging & Promotional Codes
15.1 By Filling Up The Form, You Agree That We May Send You Text (Sms) Messages Or Email Communications As Part Of The Normal Business Operation Of Your Use Of The Services. You May Opt-Out Of Receiving Such Communication By Writing To Us At Unsubscribe@Vyapar Aadhar.Com. You Acknowledge That Opting Out Of Such Communication May Impact Your Use Of The Services.

Network Access & Devices
16.1 You Are Responsible For Obtaining The Data Network Access Necessary To Use The Services. Your Mobile Network’s Data And Messaging Rates And Fees May Apply If You Access Or Use The Services From A Wireless-Enabled Device And You Shall Be Responsible For Such Rates And Fees.

16.2 You Are Responsible For Acquiring And Updating Compatible Hardware Or Devices Necessary To Access And Use The Services And Any Updates Thereto. In Addition, The Services May Be Subject To Malfunctions And Delays Inherent In The Use Of The Internet And Electronic Communications.

Disclaimers & Limitation Of Liability
Disclaimer Of Warranties

The Services Are Provided “As Is” And “As Available.” Vyapar Aadhar Disclaims All Representations And Warranties, Express, Implied Or Statutory, Not Expressly Set Out In These Terms, Including The Implied Warranties Of Merchantability, And Non-Infringement. In Addition, Vyapar Aadhar Makes No Representation, Warranty, Or Guarantee Regarding The Reliability, Timeliness, Quality, Suitability Or Availability Of The Services Or That The Services Will Be Uninterrupted Or Error-Free. Vyapar Aadhar Does Not Guarantee The Quality, Suitability, Safety Or Ability Of Third Parties. You Agree That The Entire Risk Arising Out Of Your Use Of The Services, And Any Service Requested In Connection Therewith, Remains Solely With You, To The Maximum Extent Permitted Under Applicable Law.

Limitation Of Liability

Your Exclusive Remedy And Vyapar Aadhar Entire Liability, If Any, For Any Claims, Arising Out Of The Services Shall Be Limited To The Amount You Paid To Vyapar Aadhar, If Any, During The Six-Month Period Before The Act Giving Rise To The Liability.

In No Event Shall Vyapar Aadhar Be Liable To You Or Any Third Party For Any Special, Punitive, Incidental, Indirect Or Consequential Damages Of Any Kind, Or Any Damages Whatsoever, Including, Without Limitation, Those Resulting From Loss Of Use, Data Or Profits, Whether Or Not We Have Been Advised Of The Possibility Of Such Damages, And On Any Theory Of Liability, Arising Out Of Or In Connection With The Use Of The Services.

You Are Solely Responsible For Making Backup Copies Of Any And All Of Your Content. Vyapar Aadhar Shall Not Be Liable For Any Loss Of Or Damage To Your Content.

You Acknowledge To Defend, Indemnify And Hold Vyapar Aadhar, Its Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Directors, Officers, Employees, Agents, Partners And Any Other Licensors (Each, An “Indemnified Party”) Harmless From And Against Any Claim, Disputes Or Demand, Including Reasonable Attorneys’ Fees, Made By A Third Party, Relating To, Or Arising From:

18.1 Your Violation Of Any Third-Party Right, Including Without Limitation To Any Right To Privacy, Publicity Rights Or Intellectual Property Rights, Including Content The User Distributes Through The Services;

18.2 Your Wrongful Or Improper Use Of The Services;

18.3 Your Violation Of Any Applicable Laws, Rules Or Regulations Or Any Other Applicable Law Through Or Related To The Use Of Our Services;

18.4 The Indemnifications Set Forth Above Will Survive The Termination Or Expiration Of This Agreement And/Or Your Use Of The Services.

19.1 If Any Provision Of This Agreement Is Held To Be Unenforceable Or Invalid, Such Provision Will Be Changed And Interpreted To Accomplish The Objectives Of Such Provision To The Greatest Extent Possible Under Applicable Law And The Remaining Provisions Of The Agreement Will Continue In Full Force And Effect.

Changes To Terms & Conditions
Vyapar Aadhar Reserves The Right To Modify These Terms Of Acceptance Or Any Additional / Modified Terms That Apply To The Service. You Should Look At The Terms Regularly. Notice Of Such Modifications To These Terms Will Be Posted On This Page. Vyapar Aadhar Will Post Notice Of Modified / Additional Terms In The Applicable Service. Changes Will Not Entail Any Retrospective Effect And Will Become Effective Not Sooner Than Ten Days After Being Posted. However, Changes Addressing New Functions For A Service Or Changes Made For Legal Reasons Will Become Effective Immediately. If You Do Not Agree To Such Additional / Modified Terms For A Service, You Should Discontinue Your Use Of The Said Service. If There Is A Conflict Between The Existing Terms And The Additional Terms, The Additional Terms Will Supersede. These Terms Control The Relationship Between Vyapar Aadhar And You And They Do Not Create Any Third Party Beneficiary Rights In Any Manner Whatsoever. If You Do Not Comply With These Terms, And In Case Vyapar Aadhar Does Not Take Any Action Immediately, This Does Not Mean That Vyapar Aadhar Are Giving Up Any Rights That Vyapar Aadhar May Have, Such As Taking Action In The Future. If It Turns Out That A Particular Term Is Not Enforceable, This Will Not Affect Any Other Terms.

Entire Agreement
The Terms, Together With Any Additional Terms And Conditions Incorporated Herein Or Referred To Herein Constitute The Entire Agreement Between Vyapar Aadhar And You, Relating To The Subject Matter Hereof, And Supersedes Any Prior Understanding Or Agreements (Whether Oral Or Written) Regarding The Subject Matter, And May Not Be Amended Or Modified Except In Writing Or By Making Such Amendments Or Modifications Available On Our Services.

Governing Laws
Applicable Data Protection Law In India Will Govern The Agreement And Any Dispute Arising From The Same And/Or Applicable As Applied To Agreements Entered Into And To Be Performed Entirely Within India, Without Regard To Its Choice Of Law Or Conflict Of Law Principles.

Compliance With Laws
23.1 You Represent And Warrant That Your Use Of Our Services Will Comply With All Applicable Data Protection Law/ Regulations. You May Not Use Our Service For Any Unlawful Or Discriminatory Activities, Including Acts Prohibited By The Laws In India.

23.2 You Have Complied, And Will Comply, With All Regulations, As Well As Data Protection, Electronic Communication, And Privacy Laws That Apply To The Countries Where You’re Sending Any Form Of Communication Through Our Services.

23.3 Agree To Indemnify And Hold Us Harmless From Any Losses, Including Attorney Fees, That Result From Your Breach Of Any Part Of These Warranties.

Disputes Are Defined As Any Claim, Controversy, Or Dispute Between You And Vyapar Aadhar, Including Any Claims Relating In Any Way To The Present Agreement, Any Supplemental Terms, Or The Services, Amendments, Or Any Other Aspects Of The Agreement.

Binding Individual Arbitration

You And Vyapar Aadhar Agree To Arbitrate Any And All Disputes By A Neutral Arbitrator Appointed By Us Who Has The Power To Award The Same Damages And Relief That A Court Can.
Any Arbitration Under These General Terms Will Only Be On An Individual Basis.
Class Arbitrations, Class Actions, Private Attorney General Actions, Representative Actions And Consolidation With Other Arbitrations Are Not Permitted.
You Waive Any Right To Have Your Case Decided By A Jury And Further Waive Any Right To Participate In A Class Action Against Vyapar Aadhar.
If Any Provision Of This Arbitration Agreement Is Found Unenforceable, The Unenforceable Provision Will Be Severed, And The Remaining Arbitration Terms Will Be Enforced (But In No Case, Will There Be A Class Or Representative Arbitration).
All Disputes Will Be Resolved Finally And Exclusively By Binding Individual Arbitration With A Single Arbitrator Administered By The Provisions Of Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996.
Any Arbitration Hearing Will Occur In India, Or Another Mutually Agreeable Location.
Powers Of Arbitrator The Arbitrator And Any Federal, State, Or Local Court Or Agency, Shall Have Exclusive Authority To Resolve Any Dispute Relating To The Interpretation, Applicability, Enforceability Or Formation Of This Arbitration Agreement Including, But Not Limited To Any Claim That All Or Any Part Of This Arbitration Agreement Is Void Or Voidable. The Arbitration Will Decide The Rights And Liabilities If Any, Of You And The Vyapar Aadhar. The Arbitration Proceeding Will Not Be Consolidated With Any Other Matters Or Joined With Any Other Proceedings Or Parties. The Arbitrator Will Have The Authority To Grant Motions Dispositive Of All Or Part Of Any Claim Or Dispute. The Arbitrator Will Have The Authority To Award Monetary Damages And To Grant Any Non-Monetary Remedy Or Relief Available To An Individual Under Applicable Law, The Arbitral Forum’s Rules, And This Agreement (Including This Arbitration Agreement). The Arbitrator Will Issue A Written Statement Of Decision Describing The Essential Findings And Conclusions On Which Any Award (Or Decision Not To Render An Award) Is Based, Including The Calculation Of Any Damages Awarded. The Arbitrator Shall Follow The Applicable Law. The Arbitrator Has The Same Authority To Award Relief On An Individual Basis That A Judge In A Court Of Law Would Have. The Arbitrator’s Decision Is Final And Binding On You And The Vyapar Aadhar.

Opt Out. You May Opt Out Of This Arbitration Agreement. If You Do So, Neither You Nor Vyapar Aadhar Can Force The Other To Arbitrate As A Result Of This Agreement. To Opt Out, You Must Notify Us In Writing No Later Than 30 Days After First Becoming Subject To This Arbitration Agreement. Your Notice Must Include Your Name And Address, Username (If Any), The Email Address You Used To Set Up Your Account (If You Have One), And A Clear Statement That You Want To Opt Out Of This Arbitration Agreement. You Must Send Opt-Out Notice To: Support@Vyapar Aadhar.Com If You Opt Out Of This Arbitration Agreement, All Other Parts Of This Agreement Will Continue To Apply To You. Opting Out Of This Arbitration Agreement Has No Effect On Any Other Arbitration Agreements That You May Have Entered Into With Us Or May Enter Into In The Future With Us. Notwithstanding Anything To The Contrary Herein, Nothing In This Agreement Shall Supersede, Amend, Or Modify The Terms Of Any Separate Agreement(S) Between You And Vyapar Aadhar Relating To Your Work As An Employee Or Independent Contractor, Including Without Limitation, Any Independent Contractor Agreement Governing Your Services.

Other Provisions
Notice Vyapar Aadhar May Give Notice By Means Of A General Notice On The Services Via Electronic Mail To Your Email Address, You May Give Notice To Vyapar Aadhar By Written Communication To Our Address At Via Electronic Mail To Our Email Address Support@Vyapar Aadhar.Com
General You May Not Assign Or Transfer These Terms In Whole Or In Part Without Vyapar Aadhar’s Prior Written Approval. You Give Your Approval To Vyapar Aadhar For It To Assign Or Transfer These Terms In Whole Or In Part, Including To (I) A Subsidiary Or Affiliate; (Ii) An Acquirer Of Vyapar Aadhar Equity, Business Or Assets; Or (Iii) A Successor By Merger. No Joint Venture, Partnership, Employment Or Agency Relationship Exists Between You, Vyapar Aadhar Or Any Third-Party Provider As A Result Of The Contract Between You And Vyapar Aadhar For Use Of The Services.
26.1 Our Services Use Cookies. For More Details, You Can Refer To The Cookie Policy.

Updates To Services
27.1 Vyapar Aadhar May From Time To Time Provide Enhancements Or Improvements To The Features/Functionality Of Services, Which May Include Patches, Bug Fixes, Updates, Upgrades And Other Modifications (“Updates”).

27.2 Updates May Modify Or Delete Certain Features And/Or Functionalities Of The Services. You Agree That Vyapar Aadhar Has No Obligation To (I) Provide Any Updates, Or (Ii) Continue To Provide Or Enable Any Particular Features And/Or Functionalities Of Services To You.

27.3 You Further Agree That All Updates Will Be (I) Deemed To Constitute An Integral Part Of The Services, And (Ii) Subject To The Terms Of This Agreement.

No Changes In Terms At Your Request
The Terms Mentioned Herein Shall Not Be Changed By Any One Of You Or Your Group. The Same Terms And Conditions Of Use Shall Be Applicable For All Users.

Contact Information
29.1 Vyapar Aadhar Welcomes Your Questions Or Comments Regarding The Terms: You Can Write To Us At The Following Address At Support@Vyapar Aadhar.Com.


DND Policy
I hereby authorize and give consent to Vyapar Aadhar to send me, either through itself or through any third-party service provider from time to time various information/alerts / SMS / other messages or call or commercial communication, and other services on the aforesaid listed telephone numbers, whether these numbers are registered with National Do Not Call Registry/ listed in National Customer Preference Register or not. I also confirm that by sending such messages/calls, I will not hold Vyapar Aadhar, its Third Party Service Provider liable / institute compliant under the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preferences (TRAI) Regulations, 2010, or such other applicable regulations including any amendment thereof, as may be applicable from time to time. It will be auto-renewed every month and if you want to stop this service please write an email to before the due date and call our support number +91 7709725077 also once the amount is debited from the account, it will not be refunded.

a) The User is aware that the Website/Company may share the User’s personal information with other corporate entities and affiliates to help detect and prevent identity theft, fraud and other potentially illegal acts; correlate related or multiple accounts to prevent abuse of the Website’s services; and to facilitate joint or co-branded services, where such services are provided by more than one corporate entity.

b) The User is aware that the Website/Company may disclose personal information if required to do so by law or if the Website/Company in good faith believes that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes. The Website/Company may also disclose the User’s personal information to law enforcement offices, third party rights owners, or other third parties if it believes that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the Terms or Policy; respond to claims that an advertisement, posting or other content violates the rights of a third party; or protect the rights, property or personal safety of its users, or the general public.

c) The User is further aware that the Website/Company and its affiliates may share/sell some or all of the User’s personal information with other business entities should the Company/Website (or its assets) plan to merge with, or be acquired by such business entity, or in the event of re-organization, amalgamation, or restructuring of the Company’s business. Such business entity or new entity will continue to be bound by the Terms and Policy, as may be amended from time to time.

Transactions on the Website are secure and protected. Any information entered by the User when transacting on the Website is encrypted to protect the User against unintentional disclosure to third parties. The User’s credit and debit card information is not received, stored by, or retained by the Company / Website in any manner. This information is supplied by the User directly to the relevant payment gateway which is authorized to handle the information provided and is compliant with the regulations and requirements of various banks and institutions and payment franchisees that it is associated with.