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What Are The Main Documents You Need To Renew The Trademark?

You need to understand the need for trademark renewal. So many companies have lost their trademark because they forgot to renew it.

The life of a trademark is only 10 years from the day you register it. To keep your trademark safe and useable, it is important to renew it on time. Therefore, trademark renewal is important to keep your company safe from unauthorized use.

If you do not renew the trademark then your company might face a loss of legal position. Additionally, trademark renewal will also help you in protecting the brand identity of your business and company. Even after the expiration of your trademark, you can still renew it by following a formal procedure.

Is your trademark about to expire? This article will help you in the renewal process.

Advantages Of Renewing A Trademark

  • Stop the violation of your trademark.
  • All your rights will be safe
  • Keep you safe from a lawsuit
  • Your ownership rights will be extended
  • Protection of your brand name
  • You will get financial benefits

Necessary Documents For The Renewal Of Trademark

  1. Registration certificate copy
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Address proof
  5. TM Certificate
  6. A copy of  TM-A 3

Important Things About Renewal Of A Trademark

  1. You will receive a notice from the registrar before 6 months of the expiry date.
  2. If you don’t respond to the earlier notice, another notice will be sent to you with a trademark expiration warning.
  3. The trademark owner has a time of up to 6 months for the renewal of an expired trademark.
  4. If you do not receive any notice from a registrar’s office, then your trademark will remain safe in the journal.

The Main Process Of Renewing A Trademark

You can easily renew the trademark by making some changes or by keeping the registration of the existing trademark like same as before.

  • You need the TM-R for the renewal application of the trademark
  • It is important to fill the application for the same day, it needs to be done by the owner himself or the person who has the authority for trademark renewal. The registrar will also warn you about the removal of your trademark from the journal.
  • To renew your trademark for the next 10 years you need a renewal application.
  • After filling the application, the owner can easily keep an eye on the status of the application online.
  • After the approval, you can easily see your name on the journal of trademarks.
  • It is also necessary to start this renewal process before 3 months of the expiry date. Therefore, it will make the process easy and smooth.
  • You need to pay a renewal fee along with Form-18.
  • According to Section 25(4) of the Trademark Act of 1999, if the trademark expiry date is passed, you can still get a renewal of your trademark within a year.
  • However, it is the responsibility of the registrar to make sure that no other company or business is using that trademark.