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What Causes Delay In The Income Tax Refund?

Have you filed for income tax refunds? Haven’t you still received any refunds? If yes, don’t worry. Sometimes, the income tax refunds might get delayed due to various reasons, from calculation errors to submitting wrong data to weak server processings. In this article, let’s discuss the significant causes for the delay in the income tax refund. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. 

What Does Income Tax Return Mean?

Income Tax Return is one of the forms given by the government to quote about your financial status. Usually, it consists of details from April 1st of the current year to March 31st of the following year. In general, the details included in this form are: 

  • Active income(Salary from one’s job) 
  • Business profits and losses
  • Income from rental properties 
  • Income from the capital gains, lottery wins, interests, and dividend 
  • It even contains royal income details and a lot more 

The citizens of the country should pay taxes after calculating all finances. However, there will be a few cases where you pay more than the required amount. In such cases, you can initiate the refunds from the income tax. After filing for the refund, the excess amount gets refunded to your bank account within a few business days. Each year several people file for refunds from the ITR, including small businesses to startups to large industries. 

How Is Income Tax Filed? 

People used to apply for refunds by submitting the application forms in the olden days where there wasn’t any development of technology. Unlike earlier days, filing for an income tax refund is pretty effortless. All you need to do is navigate to the official website, where you can file the refund and initiate your refunds as soon as possible. 

Most Common Reasons For The Delay Of Income Tax 

At times, the refunds aren’t initiated quickly, and people start to bother about them. Even if you haven’t got any refunds yet, cool, it’s quite normal, and you’ll definitely receive refunds after a few days. Also, do you want to know the most common reasons for the income tax refund? If yes, carefully read the below-given reasons. 

  • Delayed refund requests due to the weak servers.
  • Not completing the complete refund procedure as mentioned by the government.
  • You might have selected the wrong address while filing for a refund.
  • Sometimes, the initiation of income tax refunds depends on the types of tax and the reason for the refund. 
  • You might have filed for a refund after the last date of processing refund requests.
  • Wrong data submission is the most common cause for delayed refunds.
  • Wrong financial calculations. 
  • TDS mismatch. 
  • Offline refund requests take a long period. So, make sure you file refunds on ITR online. 
  • Lack of essential documents to initiate refunds.

These are the few most common causes for the delay in income tax refunds. So, make sure you file for the refunds with the right documents without any errors.