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Why GST Defaulters are not eligible for raising e-way bills?

Running a business is tough, and filing a tax return is one of the most important parts of running a business. Thus, GST return filing is a vital part of businesses running in India. Every business is bound to file returns on time; otherwise, the company may get penalised for this. It is important as it helps maintain the track record of how the economy is progressing in India. If businesses don’t follow the pattern and skip filing the GST returns on time, it will create a difference in calculating the taxes. Due to this, the government punishes those who don’t file returns by not issuing them e-way bills or financially penalising them.

Due to the COVID outbreak, the government has provided time and process relaxations to us in filing the GST returns. Due to the relaxations, people can file tax returns easily with ample time on their hands. Once things get back to the daily and normal routine, all these rules will be brought back. 

  • Who are considered as Defaulters on GST Filing?

GST filing should always be on time, otherwise, the offender will have to get punished for this. Many individuals halt paying taxes and thus, there’s a disparity in tax collection. It disturbs the progression of tracking tax assessments in the country.

Defaulters are people who keep themselves away from tax assessments or do things that conflict with the strategies of the Income Tax Department. They don’t follow the rules; instead, they break various rules and regulations and thus create disturbances in tax collections.

  • What Happens to Defaulters of GST Filing?

The individuals who have been declared as defaulters of GST filing are generally punished by the authorities for making people follow the rules. These people can’t file for e-way bills due to their delinquencies in filing the GST returns.

With things fully recovering, the public authority has begun the arrangement of not giving GST e-way bills to those organisations that don’t pay their assessments within the time given. Prior it was for not paying for around two months that the e-way bill got restricted. Yet, presently the public authority has given an extended chance to file the GST, after the given deadline, the e-ways bills will be hindered once more.

  • Conclusion

The sole purpose of introducing and implementing these types of policies is to prevent people from practicing tax evasion or filing returns late. Sellers who skip filing the GST returns are considered as one of the reasons for problems for business organizations. Along these lines, the obtaining of unrefined components from organizations also becomes troublesome. This additionally makes the purchaser face challenges in guaranteeing the credit for the taxes paid when they purchase the raw materials. Defaulters trapped in the process will confront challenges and subsequently, will stay away from avoidance of taxes from the following time.