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Why Is A Digital Signature Certificate Is Important?

There are a lot of reasons why a digital signature certificate is crucial. In simple words, to file an Income Tax Return (ITR) easily and safely, a digital signature certificate comes in handy. It is mandatory to have a digital signature certificate if you want to fill an ITR online. Moreover, as per Section 44AB, the ‘E-Filling of an ITR’ is obligatory for people whose IT return is 25 lakh. Also, for businesses with an ITR of 1 crore, filing an ITR online is a must. You can use the digital signature certificate to certify your very own domain name. Are you curious to know more about the digital signature certificate and why it is so important? Continue reading and you will get all the answers to your questions. 

What Is Comprised In A Digital Signature Certificate? 

These are the following features that your digital signature certificate includes. 

  • Owner’s name
  • Owner’s public key
  • The date of the owner’s public key expiration. 
  • Digital signature’s serial number
  • Digital signature of the issuer

What Digital Signature Certificate Class Do You Require For Income Tax? 

To get your company registered, file an ITR, etc, you require digital signature certification Class 2. However, for the ministry of corporate affairs, the income tax department, and filing an E-IT, you require Class 2 DSC.

Where Do You Need Digital Signature Certificate When It Comes To Income Tax?

According to the Act 2000, a physical signature and a digital signature certificate have the same rank. In India, certification agencies can issue a digital signature certificate. If you are choosing an online IT return then you will have to opt for a digital signature certificate. Also according to the central board of direct taxes rules, business groups who file ITR-6 have to mandatorily provide a digital signature certificate. Moreover, a digital signature certificate and DSC are also important to register your company as PVT ltd. 

Procedure Of DSC Registration On The Latest IT Portal

For the registration of DSC on the latest IT portal, these are the following rules that the taxpayers have to obey.

  • For the registration, the taxpayers have to register a paperless DSC as well. 
  • If your old DSC gets expired, you will have to register a new DSC with the latest income tax portal. 

Please note that the latest income tax portal will not accept your old digital signature certificate. 

How Can You Inspect Your Income Tax Return With The DSC?

First and foremost, from the IT portal, you will have to upload DSC management. Now, from the latest IT portal, you will have to generate your signature file. If you are a taxpayer, upload your XML file with a digital signature certificate, then you will have to finish your work. 


The digital signature certificate has made it extremely easy to handle everything with your income tax return. It is compulsory to file an ITR online for people who earn more than 25 lakh.